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Musical Theater and “Crossover”




Renascence for Flute & Orchestra – 10’42”

Healing The Brokenhearted: A Requiem Missa Brevis – 12”
Treble Choir, Optional SATB Choir, Soprano Soloist, String Orchestra, Organ.
Also available for Treble Choir/Piano
   1. Kyrie
   2. Sanctus
   3. Agnus Dei
   4. Dona Nobis Pacem




Reflections of a Peacemaker– SATB Choir + Piano  12’31”
Texts by Mattie J.T. Stepanek
   1. As it Was in the Beginning
   2. Eternal Roll Call
   3. The Pirate Song
   4. About Living  Part III (A cappella)
   5. I AM

Winter Songs for A Cappella SATB Choir –14’08” (CD to come)
   1. Winter Song (Katherine Mansfield)
   2. Winter Time (Robert Louis Stevenson: A Child's Garden of Verses)
   3. A Winter Ride (Amy Lowell)

Requiem Missa Brevis – For Treble Choir and Piano –12’
See also Orchestral version above




3 x 2 (Flute/Clarinet ) 5’8”
  Adagio Espressivo
  Vivace – As fast as possible

Sonata for Piano and Violin – 10’35”
   Adagio Maestoso – Piu Mosso
   Andante sostenuto – Animato
   Andante - Presto

Sonata for Double Bass and Piano – 16’39”
   Andante Eroica
   Minuet and Trio
   Allegro con moto

Elegy for Flute, Viola & Harp 11’

Sonata for Flute and Piano – 10’30”
   Allegro con spirito

Flute Quartet (Echoes Over Time) 10’14”
   Sound the Flute!
   Songs of Innocence– Theme & Var
   Songs of Experience- Low Flutes
   The Wild Flower’s Song



Voice with Instruments

Three Song Portraits, Soprano & String Quartet -9’33”
   La Figlia che Piange  (T.S Eliot)
   Departure (Edna St. Vincent Millay)
   Portrait of Mme St. Ursula (Wallace Stevens)
Sneezles: - (A.A.Milne) – Soprano, Piano, Oboe, Percussion – 3’21”

Sonnets to Orpheus  Soprano, Piano Cello & Horn) 15’07
Texts: Rainer Maria Rilke (In German)
   1. Breath, you invisible poem
   2. Wait--- that tastes good
   3. Does it really exist, this destroyer – Time?
   4. Mirrors

A Billy Collins Suite -  Baritone, clarinet & piano – 9’03”
Texts by Billy Collins (Also available for high voice)
   1. Forgetfulness
   2. Dancing Towards Bethlehem



Voice and Piano

Five Songs from A Shropshire Lad  - Baritone/Piano- 6’59”
Texts: A.E. Housman
   1. Oh When I Was in Love With You
   2. Along The Fields As We Came By
   3. Think No More, Lad
   4. If It Chance Your Eye Offend Thee
   5. When I was One and Twenty
Three Song Portraits  -Soprano/Piano
   1. La Figlia che Piange  (T.S Eliot)
   2. Departure (Edna St. Vincent Millay)
   3. Portrait of Mme St. Ursula (Wallace Stevens)

Two Songs from Emily Dickinson – Soprano/Piano- 6’23”
   I Cannot Live With You
   I Taste a Liquor Never Brewed

Three Songs from Das Buch der Bilder  Soprano/Piano 8’50
Texts: Rainer Maria Rilke (In German)
   1. Der Wahnsinn (Madness)
   2. Der Einsame (The Lonely One)
   3. Aus Einer Kindheit (From a Childhood)

Songs from Spoon River Soprano – (Sop I, II, Ten, Bar + Pno)
Texts by Edgar Lee Masters
   1.The Hill, Part I (Tenor)
   2. Sarah Brown (Soprano II)
   3. Zenas Witt (Baritone)
   4. Lucinda Matlock (Soprano I)
   5. Anne Rutledge – Ensemble
   6. Petit the Poet (Tenor)
   7. Margaret Fuller Slack (Soprano II)
   8. Fiddler Jones (Baritone)
   9. Rita Matlock Gruenberg (Soprano I)
 10.The Hill, Part II (Ensemble)

Women’s Lives & Loves –Soprano/Piano – 15’44”
(Women’s Songs from “Songs from Spoon River”)

  1. Anne Rutledge
  2. Sarah Brown
  3. Margaret Fuller Slack
  4. Lucinda Matlock
  5. Rita Matlock Gruenberg

Five Songs for Children –Soprano/Piano 6’26”
   1. Afternoon on a Hill (Edna St. Vincent Millay)
   2. The Sea Shell (Amy Lowell)
   3. Someone (Walter de la Mare)
   4. Who Has Seen The Wind (Christina Rossetti)
   5. The Bluebird (Emily Huntington Miller)
Three Songs –– Soprano/Piano – 5’30”
Texts by e.e. cummings
   1. When Faces Called Flowers
   2.  Little Man in a Hurry
   3.  So Shy



Piano Solo

Three Episodes for Piano – 5’8”
Piano Sonata – 9’03” 
Daydreams & Awakenings  1’05



Musical Theater and “Crossover”

If the Shoe Fits
Girl in the Hood
The Luck of the Irish
The above three one-acts, based on: Cinderella, Red Riding Hood and The Frog Prince, respectively, all begin where the traditional fairy tale ends and comically explore what happens after their happy endings. They may be performed separately, or as a set, entitled “After Ever After”.

The Curse of Plotznakovna – A modern parable for young audiences. 40”, with a complex, comedic plot involving a heartsick governor, whose betrothed has abandoned him and fled Plotznakovkna, two dueling wizards, a baddie, who has cast a evil spell on the town so no other would-be bride can ever leave, and a stumble-bunny good wizard, who mixes up her incantations, and in her attempts to reverse the curse by going back in time and fixing it, manages to make the characters also live the day backwards, evening to morning. Confusion is rife before the curse is finally undone , new love blossoms, and all live happily ever after.

To Be An Eagle – (based on an African Legend) for performance by elementary school children (DVD) One hour
Based on an African legend this story is about orphaned eagles who, abandoned as eggs, after their mother has been shot, hatch on a chicken farm and are ridiculed for their gawky appearance, and their inability to peck and preen like chickens. Only when Great Papa Eagle, who has been searching the continent for his lost family, spots one of the baby eagles playing his dead wife's tama drum, does he realizes that these so-called chicks must be his children. He teaches them not only how to play the drum like eagles but also how to lift up, fly and soar.  Seeing the six birds in the air, the chickens realize at last that they have made a mistake. They're awed by the eagles, but also admit that being a chicken has its advantages, too--as long as you're a chicken! Realizing that being true to their own nature is key to fulfilling their own destiny,  the eagles and chickens celebrate together in dance.  Includes 14 original songs, exotic and tuneful musical numbers, all written in a range for elementary school voices. Highlights include African drumming, a chicken fashion show, and a barnyard hoe-down.

If Things Were Different- from unfinished musical “The Country Wife”
“Take My Wife” – from unfinished musical, “The Country Wife”
“Hello Baby”